• Bella Eden

Body of Christ

I had a dream last night. I was leading worship in a stadium and revival was breaking out all around with God’ powerful presence. I was leading worship like a child, bold, strong, and unrestrained. People were experiencing the presence of God like they never have before. Masses were getting saved and experiencing the Kingdom Of God.

After I awoke from the dream God started to speak to me about the Body of Christ. Jesus was opening up the scriptures to me out of First Corinthians chapter 12. Go and read that chapter and let Jesus open up your understanding on how beautiful and powerful the Body of Christ is! Let Jesus give you vision of what His Church is to look like and function together as one, in one accord, all being used and functioning in the Holy Spirit. 

God is bringing together His sheep that have been scattered and setting them in folds again. None shall fear or be dismayed, they shall increase and multiply under His care. See Jeremiah 23:1-4.