• Bella Eden

“Poem of Beauty #1”

Beauty is not meaningless.

To take time for art is worship not waste.

The flower blooms for the sole purpose of beauty.

The wise mystic artist guards their grand appreciation for beauty.

To “waste” 4000 hours on a single piece of art is not waste, its worship.

God takes delight in melody, in poetry, consider the bird.

God takes delight in vibrant colors and detailed textures, consider the flower.

All art thrives under the hand of God.

Sit and linger, pour out your art like an alabaster jar of expensive perfume on the feet of Jesus. 

Shatter a years wages of costly perfume on the Savior’s feet.

Mary of Bethany, with your heart of fire from eyes locked onto the Desire of Every Nation, your extravagant display of affection, of art, of passion, of exotic perfume, has a greater glory and memory than all the silver and gold and rubies of Solomon’s temple.


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Poem of Beauty #2

God my God you have made me to be like the song bird and wild-flower A life clothed with beauty and song, mirth and poetry Lightness and extravagant beauty Ever living carefree in your graces

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