Protection & Unity : The Name of Jesus

Protection and unity come in the name of Jesus. John 17:11 says "keep them by the power of thy Name which thou hast given me, that they may be one as we are one."

"Keep them" - implies protection, safety, and preservation.

"be one as we are one" - implies unity.

Both come by Jesus' name.

Never shy back from being affiliated with the name of Jesus. It's by the power of His name that he even told us to pray with and ask freely from our Father God.

Unity and oneness come not by our own might or intellect, but by the power of His Name.

Protection and safety, where and when it matters most, especially our souls, comes by the power of His Name.

I'm Chris

Me and my wife Crystaline started Bella Eden in 2013 with a passion for sharing God's grace & peace with the world. 

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