• Bella Eden

Reformation Entry #1:

Updated: Dec 9, 2019


Entry #1: December 8, 2019

1 Samuel 1:1-5

The name Hannah in Hebrew means grace, or God has favored me. Hannah in The First Book of Samuel, in chapter one, had no children. The name that meant favored by God, grace, had no children. Her name did not manifest fullY right away, she was barren for quite some time. What was spoken in her name, over and over, took time to manifest. Peninnah, her rival, had children but she had none. It felt and seemed as if she was living and experiening the opposite of her name, in this one isolated way of barrenness. Her husband Elkanah favored her and gave her double portions during their annual worship and sacrifice pilgrimage to God’s temple in Shiloh. Elkanah loved and favored Hannah more than Peninnah. Hannah’s name, favored by God, grace, was manifesting in this area, but not yet in her barrenness. Let God name you. Let God name you and define you. Let His Word speak over you and your situation over and over until the desert of barrenness blossoms into wild roses. Hannah. Hannah. Hannah. Grace. Grace. Grace. God’s favor. God’s favor. God’s favor. Spoken all day. Time is ok. God’s Word will not return void. 

Reformation Key #1: Let God’s Word name and define you. Let it be spoken over you over and over and over. Through the suffering, the barrenness, the heart ache, let God’s Word be spoken over you and define you. Time is ok. God’s Word will not return void. God’s Word will outlast your struggle. Your struggle will never outlast God’s Word.