• Bella Eden

Reformation Entry #2

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Entry #2:

December 9, 2019

1 Samuel 1:5-8

There are some things only a God can do for you. Some things only God can do WILL DO. Elkanah, Hannah’s husband, treated Hannah with double favor, with double portions, but Elkanah couldn’t cure Hannah’s heart cry to have children. Hannah’s rival Peninnah would mock her because she couldn’t have kids. Elkanah told Hannah in her moment of despair “Hannah, why do you weep? Why do you not eat? And why is your heart grieved? Am I not better to you than ten sons?” - Samuel 1:8

Hannah is hit with these rapid fire questions, while she is crying... Why, why, why, am I not better to you than ten sons? 

No, Elkanah, you can’t solve this. You can’t see my heart. You can’t see my dreams and desires and heart cry. Your favor is great, and I love your love, but some things only a God can do. Some things only a God can cure. Some things only a God can give. 

Its out of this place of desparation that a national reformation takes place. Hannah doesn’t know that she’s about to pray in a world wide reformation. Hannah is a reformer, but she doesn’t know it. In her heart burns the fires of reformation. The fire in her heart, the cry in her heart, is for justice. Justice that only God can give. Barreness eliminated, and godly children around her table. Its nothing personal, but no Elkanah, I’ll never be satisfied with only what you have to give, because my heart cries for what only God can do. I need a miracle. Let me be, so I can pour my heart and soul out unto God. Let me be so I can show the world how my God hears my prayer and answers me.

Reformation Key #2: Only settle for what God can give. Don’t settle for anything less. Cry out to God for justice, for change.