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behold the lamb

The Gaze That Transforms


Transformation is real. The following meditations and poems are all about Jesus Christ. Never-ending riches and precious treasures are found in the Son of God. As we gaze upon the Lamb of God, we are transformed into His beautiful and loving image.

You can’t see yourself clearly if you don’t see Christ clearly. You can’t see others rightly unless you see Him rightly. It all begins with beholding him. Gazing at Jesus Christ is to let the endless waterfall of the living word, the poetry of God, pour over you.

- Bill Vanderbush, Author/Speaker

God gave birth to humankind in a garden. In boundless plenty, beauty, and love. The Good Lord saw - beheld all He had made and called it “very good.” Beholding the Christ is our invitation into this same gaze - into the silent, eternal, and unanswerable “very good.”

- Benjamin R Dunn

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