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Poetry & Reflections on God, Humanity, and Wildlife by Christopher J Lopez.


There’s a new poet on the rise with his first book release, Soul Riches. This soulful poetry book was written in Christopher’s “desert years” when he intentionally entered seclusion, practicing heavy asceticism with a burning desire to experience and hear God for himself. Christopher came out of the quiet, focused desert life with Soul Riches. Soul Riches is a compilation of poems, reflections, and prayers of encountering the Divine raw and unfiltered against the backdrop of heartless, institutionalized, formulated religion. This collection of poetry and short prose was birthed out of the wild.


​​​​​​​Themes of this poetry include beauty, wildlife, birds, gems, flowers, gardens, soul, existence, presentness, life, death, new creation, gospel, rest, God, marriage, intimacy, and love.

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